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How to be Productive When Working From Home

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How to be Productive When Working From Home

How to be Productive When Working From Home

Whether you are new to working from home or an experienced virtual worker, these tips can help you maximize your success when working remotely.

1. Plan your day

This includes start and stop times for your workday as well as periodic breaks, so you can attend to children, family members or pets who may be home with you.

2. Have a dedicated workspace

Designate a specific place for a home office (even if it is temporary) where you can store work related items and supplies. Ensure that your office space looks and feels like a workspace.

3. Set office hours

Use a calendar to create a time slot for each of the day’s activities. This helps with communicating to others when your work-time starts and ends. Post your “office hours” on the door of your workspace so others will know you are working. Maintain current routines with co-workers and customers and establish new ones to accommodate this different way of working.

4. Connect, connect, connect

Make sure that you’re readily available to customers and colleagues via e-mail, phone, text, instant message, and/or conference call. Make it personal. Let someone hear your voice. Let your manager know what you are working on and provide routine updates.

5. Know your network

You should know everything from learning how to use different software programs to understand how your home network operates.

6. Minimize distractions

Planning ahead is key. Pets, TV and family members are just a few of the distractions you’ll encounter when you start working at home. Plan meals, have snacks available, and plan children’s activities such as school work, child care and recreation in advance.

7. Use active listening

Because you’ll be doing your work remotely, you’ll need to have excellent communication skills. Often times you won’t have the visual and verbal cues that normally help guide a conversation. Although cell phones, instant message, and other communications software make it easy for people to stay in touch, most of your work communication might be done via e-mail and instant message. You will need to make sure that you are able to convey what you mean clearly and concisely.

8. Get good at conducting virtual meetings

Working virtually may be new to some employees so ensuring that teammates are included during meetings is key.? Conduct meetings in a manner where everyone can participate and feel part of the discussion.

9. When you are working, focus on work

Make sure that you are focused on the best and proper use of your time during your work hours. You need to be able to say no and stick to your schedule to protect productivity. This means communicating to others what your office hours are, and that you’re not available during these times.

10. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Don’t forget to take care of yourself physically, emotionally and intellectually.? Make time for yourself to exercise, read a book or meditate.

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