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Five Tips for Successful Digital Communications

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Five Tips for Successful Digital Communications

Five Tips for Successful Digital Communications

In a world where you need to communicate virtually, effective communication can be challenging. Here are some recommendations to help you maximize your success when communicating digitally.

1. Understand Attention Spans

Assume for adults that you are working with an attention span of no longer than 20 minutes. So, when communicating digitally, more than ever, being concise is key!

2. Evaluate Communication Channel Options

So many options – where do you start?

When trying to connect with people on the go, consider a podcast style communication. People can listen to hot topic information while multitasking on other activities.

For those conversations, which require direct communication and immediate feedback, consider a live video chat. It’s in-person, without the travel – and meets social distancing guidelines!

If you have information that could have a longer lifespan, and isn’t as urgent, consider a video accompanied with descriptive text.

An important thing to remember about digital communication is that professional output is never over-rated, but it’s not always required. Understanding who you are talking to and the options available to you is key! Sometimes a simple “selfie” video with a positive message can be just as great as a professionally shot video with the same message.

3. Communicate Visually

Multimedia is the new normal. People constantly engage with videos and interactive designs by the minute. So professional communications should be no different. Imagery, videos, or interactive displays? All can be effective. In fact, pair text with multimedia for the best results!

4. Enhance Digital Interactions

Keep your relationships strong with frequent interactions. As audio or text only conversations can be misinterpreted without facial ques, consider using video chats to communicate. Seeing someone’s face while interacting fosters a deeper connection and increases likeability and trust. Non-verbal cues (facial expressions and body language) can be just as expressive as the words themselves.?

5. Ask For Feedback

Make sure that you’re readily available and open to accepting feedback. When learning how to communicate in the digital world, some things are trial and error. Master communicators must be able and willing to adapt to different learning styles and communication preferences.

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